In MUSIC we trust !

Good Evening/Morning/Afternoon to every single individual reading this post today! It is 9.25pm in Surrey, England. The song playing right now is Notorious Big – Back to Cali (Yinyues Remix) and I suddenly got this surge of energy and excitement and the only possible explanation is the current playlist I have compiled originally named ‘Tommie’s Finds’ but I decided I needed to share them with one person in particular so it got renamed so I don’t forget – I am a very visual and hands on person, I will forget if I don’t write or see it.

I’ve been thinking of my life recently and I have a lot of plans that I need to set in motion, which I plan to start next year, mostly because it is the defining year of my life. In 2014 I will get the grades that will either make or break me. Next year I will decide to go to university or do a year in foundation first. Next year is the year of a new Tommie (again).  I want to be a product designer. It is my dream to design the coolest products that makes life easy for everybody. I aspire to work with the Aston Martin Company but that’s way ahead of me for now. Music, however, is my life. If you don’t know or follow me on twitter then this is the part where you go, “on no, another music-is-my-life-r”.  I really don’t care about your opinion. Music is in my fucking DNA, I watch the Break from Toronto video and I tear up cause of how good the song makes me feel. I spend my free time (when I’m not in art) listening and scribbling reviews of random songs I find. I collect them and do what I can to promote them (mostly via my twitter or by word-of-mouth). So I’m sat in my bed, it’s free-boobing and boxers weekend, so I’m super comfy and I’ve created the most incredible playlist of songs I’ve discovered this week and I must now sit and listen to each and every one of them from start to end. With every song I feel much better and much more relaxed than I was 2 hours ago before I began listening and I’m just thinking to myself how many wonderful unknown artists there are in this world.

I want to do something for them and myself; I want to share their music. I want to give them a voice, a chance they would normally never get.  I don’t know if there are any legal requirements or copyright shit I need to take care of but occasionally I will share with you, artists and songs or even whole playlists I think you must listen to.

On that wonderful note, I’d be honestly grateful if you could give me a few tips, ideas, songs, whatever you’re thinking, I’m open to virtually everything. Just talk to me. Thanks so much for reading. ✌

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One thought on “In MUSIC we trust !

  1. AY says:

    Fish I’m back again I never knew you were smart like this sha anyway listen to
    1. The End – The Doors
    2. Only a Northern Song – The Beatles
    3. White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
    4. The L.S. Bumble Bee – Peter Cook & Dudley Moore
    5. Flaming – Pink Floyd
    6. Inside People – The Freeborne
    7. Psychodrama City – The Byrds
    8. Love Is Only Sleeping – The Monkees
    9. Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix
    10. Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds – The Beatles
    And finally the man of the hour AMJ listen to his mixes —> –>6 –>7 –>8

    Davido and wizkid Stonersmix–>

    Blackmagic and Burna boy–>

    New stoners mix with JMSN,The weeknd,Partynextdoor,Johnny rain–>

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